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Why Study Geography at St Hilda's?

St Hilda's has a strong Geography community, with four undergraduates admitted each year and a vibrant group of postgraduates studying for Masters' courses in the School of Geography and the Environment.

Our tutorial team, consisting of one physical Geographer and one human Geographer, is able to provide teaching in-house for all the core courses, including environmental Geography. This means that a supportive feeling of academic community  develops between the students and the tutors, which is maintained through all three years of the course. This close-knit community is reinforced through termly lunch meetings and other informal gatherings between tutors and students.

Our students have an excellent record of gaining employment in a diverse range of fields and we pride ourselves that St Hilda's Geographers are making a difference in the world.

Subject Tutors

The core tutorial teaching team at St Hilda’s consists of:

- Dr Martin Coombes
- Professor Heather Viles
- Dr Lorraine Wild


After St Hilda's?

Recent graduates have gone on to take a variety of paths after completing a Geography degree. Click here to read the profile of one of our graduates.

Further Information

Information about the working life of a Geography student is available here.