In the summer of 2018 we are planning an exciting transformation of our main site, to improve our facilities and provide additional undergraduate accommodation. 

College Rooms

All first-year undergraduates are guaranteed College accommodation. We are usually able to offer accommodation to all finalists who want it, although some students prefer to find their own accommodation in Oxford.

Most Second-year students currently live out. The College is launching a series of major building projects so that in future years we will be able to house all undergraduate students who wish to live in throughout their course.

Wifi is included in all College rooms.

First-year undergraduates are automatically allocated accommodation in Wolfson, Garden Building and South Buildings. Rooms have a washbasin and generally there are two - three showers, three toilets, and a kitchen area per floor. Each floor usually houses 12 – 13 students. Rooms for continuing students are allocated through an annual room ballot.

All rooms, with the exception of the off-site houses, are offered on a 27-week licence. Off-site College-leased houses, currently available to finalists only, are offered on a 40-week licence.

Every College room is regularly cleaned by a college ‘scout’. There are laundries in three of the on-site buildings, with card-operated machines and ironing facilities in each of the buildings. The College Lodge is manned 24/7 and provides security and first aid cover. When students are required to move from their rooms during vacation times, alternative accommodation will be offered for those with travel difficulties or study needs. Extra residence charges apply.

College Buildings

The College has six different undergraduate accommodation buildings on its main site in Cowley Place. Take a look at our map to see where they are. Each building has its own style and character. In addition, we offer a number of nearby houses to final-year students.

Christina Barratt Building (Finalists): The Christina Barratt Building has 36 ensuite rooms. There are three floors and each floor has a kitchen.  The building is used outside of term time for Conferences and students are required to move from their rooms during vacation periods. 

Milham Ford Building (Finalists): Milham Ford has 20 standard rooms with washbasin and shared facilities. There are two floors and there is a kitchen on each floor. Students living in Milham Ford will be required to move vacate their rooms during the Christmas vacation for Admissions. It is sometimes possible for them to remain in their rooms during the Easter vacation. 

Hall Building (Finalists): Hall Building has 35 standard rooms with washbasin and shared facilities. There are a number of floors. There are three kitchens in the Building, one large and two small. There is no kitchen on the very top floor. Students living in Hall Building may be required to vacate their rooms at Christmas for Admissions. It is usually possible to arrange to remain in College for study purposes over the Easter vacation. 

South Building (Finalists and First Years): South Building has 22 student rooms. Due to the nature of the building, these are arranged over a number of floors with some small clusters of rooms and one larger corridor area where most rooms overlook the river. There are two kitchens. Students in South Building are required to vacate their rooms during vacations. 

Wolfson Building (First Years): Wolfson Building has 54 student rooms arranged over three floors. There is a small kitchen on each floor. Students are required to vacate their rooms during vacation periods.  

Garden Building (First Years): Garden Building has 50 student rooms arranged over three floors. There is a small kitchen on each floor. Students are required to vacate their rooms during vacation periods.  

Off-site houses (Finalists): We currently offer a number of off-site properties to finalists.  These properties are rented by the College from private landlords, house five - six students and are available just off St. Clements. These houses are offered on a 40-week contract so that finalists can stay up over Christmas and Easter vacations without moving their belongings and without having to commit to the 52 week letting period required by private landlords.

Accommodation & Meal Charges 2017 - 18

Prices depend on type of accommodation. Rates are shown below.

  • Onsite accommodation - £1,352.25 per 9-week term plus £165 compulsory catering credit per term.
  • Christina Barratt Building: £1,490.16 per 9-week term plus £165 compulsory catering credit per term.
  • Undergraduates living off-site: £128 compulsory catering credit per term.
  • Undergraduates living out: £60 compulsory catering credit per term.

The compulsory credit is returned to you in the form of meal credits. Additional meal credits can be purchased from the Accounts Office. Credits may be carried over from term to term but not to the following academic year. Meal credits are not refundable.

With effect from the academic year 2020/21 onwards, there will be an additional fixed catering charge  for all College students. For 2020/21 the charge will be £60 per term for undergraduate students in College accommodation and £30 per term for all other students, both graduate and undergraduate.

Vacation residence is charged at £18.50 per night.

College accommodation is covered by the Student Accommodation Code of Practice.



Undergraduate student roomUndergraduate room, Hall BuildingStudents having Christmas Dinner in the Dining Hall, St Hilda's College, 2015St Hilda's Dining Hall