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Dr James Attlee


We offer fantastic writing support for our undergraduate and graduate students. We have a Writing Fellow who acts as an adviser and helps students to develop better lucidity, fluency and style with essays and written tasks they have been set. The Writing Fellow in post in 2023/24 is James Attlee, best-selling author and Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund.

'Put simply, writing is a craft. It’s what I do and I’m as excited about it now as when I started out.

As a non-fiction author, I’ve specialised mainly in travel, urban exploration and contemporary art. Alongside my writing career I’ve worked in almost every aspect of the publishing industry, from managing a bookshop to being editor at large in the UK for an American university press. More recently I have focused on mentoring authors through the writing process and fixing books for publishers that require particular attention.

All of this has left me with a visceral sense of what is or isn’t working in a piece of text. It doesn’t matter that I’m almost certainly not an expert in your subject—what I’ll be looking for is whether the language you’re using is clear and persuasive and your punches are landing where they should.

Let’s get together and talk editing, structure and voice, planning and technique — and how to turn writing into your friend. Everything we talk about will remain completely confidential.

Sometimes all it takes is another pair of eyes.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.'

James is available for consultation two days a week throughout term.


  • Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow