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Dr Anna Saroldi

MSt Oxf, MA Pavia


Anna’s thinking and writing span Italian, English, and French literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, with a specific focus on translation practices. She is particularly interested in different forms of literary collaboration (i.e. among authors and translators, friends, and romantic partners) and in approaching them from the perspective of archival research and genetic criticism.

Anna’s research and teaching are mutually informative, and geared towards an understanding of literature in its transnational and translational dimensions. Anna teaches all students taking Italian at St Hilda's, from those preparing for the Italian Preliminary Examination to Finalists.

«Translation and Mountaineering, a First Case-Study. Nea Morin and Janet Adam Smith Between Collaborative Translation and Cordée Féminine», Translation in Society, 2:2 (2023).
«Il Sereni perduto. Rileggere Up at La Serra di Charles Tomlinson a partire da una traduzione inedita di Vittorio Sereni», Ticontre, XVIII (2022).
«Autotraduction: dialogue ou monologue? Croisements temporels et linguistiques chez Jacqueline Risset et Peter Robinson», Cahiers du Marge, 6 (2022).
«Memoria e prolungamento: aspetti di pratica e teoria dell’autotraduzione in Jacqueline Risset», in I gesti del mestiere. Traduzione e autotraduzione tra Italia e Francia dal XIX al XXI secolo, ed. by Jacopo Galavotti, Sara Giovine, Giacomo Morbiato (Padova University Press, 2021), pp. 131-54.
«In altre parole: svolta o esercizio di stile? Per una riflessione in fieri sull’eteroglossia di Jhumpa Lahiri», Quaderni Borromaici, 4 (2017).
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  • Lecturer in Italian


  • Italian
  • Modern Languages