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Dr Andrew Sillett

MA MSt DPhil Oxf


I have been variously studying, researching and teaching in Oxford since I turned up as a Classics II student in 2006. I wrote my doctorate on the reception of Cicero in the early empire under the supervision of Llewelyn Morgan and began my teaching career at my old college, Brasenose. In 2016-17 I worked at St Anne's College and since October 2017 I have worked at St Hilda's in my capacity as a Departmental Lecturer in Latin Literature and Roman History.

Undergraduate: I teach most Latin literature courses offered in Classics, alongside providing language classes in Greek and Latin. I also teach a variety of Roman history papers.

Graduate: My specialism lies in the literature and history of the late Roman Republic and early Empire.

My chief interests in the ancient world are the life and times of Marcus Tullius Cicero. My doctoral dissertation on his early reception is currently being prepared for publication by Oxford University Press.

'A Learned Man and a Patriot': The Reception of Cicero in the Early Imperial Period, (Oxford, forthcoming).

'Cicero in the Catiline', in The Oxford Handbook of Sallust, E. Bispham (ed.), (Oxford, forthcoming).

'Quintus Cicero's Commentariolum: a philosophical approach to Roman elections', in Fakes, Forgeries & Issues of Authenticity in Classical Literature, Edmund Cueva & Javier Martinez (eds.), (Barkhuis, 2016).


  • Lecturer in Classics


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