Psychology, Experimental


Applicants may also wish to consider the Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics courses.

Why Study Experimental Psychology at St Hilda’s?

Psychology  is fascinating, fun and challenging. Every day you will learn something amazing! Oxford has the best psychology department in Europe and St HIlda's college admits more psychology students than any other Oxford college. This provides an immediate group of like-minded people and we hold regular social events for all St Hilda's psychology students.

St Hilda's has two dedicated tutors covering a wide range of teaching, so you'll receive excellent academic amd social support.

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Events for students in college

  • Individual, termly progress review meetings.
  • Drop-in weekly surgery: information or support on any academic or personal matter.
  • St Hilda’s Psychology seminars and overviews of seminars.
  • Termly social events: Psychology drinks and dinner; summer punt.

Subject Tutors

The core tutorial teaching team at St Hilda’s consists of:

- Dr Ann Dowker
- Dr Stephen McHugh

After St Hilda's?

Recent graduates have gone on to take a variety of paths. Please view these comments from recent graduates for more information.

St Hilda’s operates its own career networks of former students working in particular professional areas. These networks provide opportunities for meeting, sharing experiences, and mentoring and cover a wide range of professional areas.

Further Information

Relevant pre-university courses

There are no required courses. However, extra work on statistics or introductory psychology (see recommended reading from the Department of Experimental Psychology) is always useful. You will be sent an introductory reading list before arriving.