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Written Work Form

The deadline for submitting written work for the 2023-4 admissions round has now closed. We will no longer be accepting any written work. 


How to submit your work online

Before you begin, please note that we can only accept PDF documents online. If you are unable to submit your work as a PDF then please send your written work via post instead. A list of courses and whether they require written work or not can be found here. Please do not send in any written work beyond the number of pieces required. They will not be added to your application or considered.

If you do not adhere to the above, it may cause delays in processing your application.

The deadline to submit work online is 23:59 GMT (UK time) Friday 10 November 2023. We do not accept any written work past this deadline.

  • 1. Download a cover sheet from the University web page, for each piece of work you need to submit.
  • 2. Make a scanned copy of the completed cover sheet and each piece of written work.
    • For example, if you have to submit two pieces of written work, please submit them as two separate documents.
  • 3. Ensure scanned copies are A4 size and legible.
  • 4. Ensure your files are labelled as follows:

Have questions about what to submit? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage, where you can find the answers to lots of questions!