Why choose St Hilda's?

Welcome to St Hilda's College! 

As one of the University of Oxford's colleges, St Hilda's prides itself in being a friendly, inclusive, and welcoming college. We are an average sized college, meaning that students can make friends easily, but large enough to ensure that we have a diverse range of students, tutors, and courses. With this mix, our students are able to settle in easily and quickly, and before they know it, they're calling St Hilda's their home!

A welcoming and supportive community

Regardless of their background, we are confident that students will find St Hilda's a friendly, warm, and welcoming place where they can achieve their full potential. We want our students to become part of our community and feel like they belong. 

Exceptional education

At St Hilda's we are incredibly proud of the fantastic education we provide to all our students. During an average week, an undergraduate student may have tutorials, classes or seminars (including lab work or languages sessions), lectures, and independent study. But what exactly does all this mean?

  • Tutorials are an in-depth conversation with a tutor and maybe one or two (max three) other students about your subject and to receive individual feedback on your work. Students usually have one or two tutorials every week, taking place in college. Tutorials normally last about an hour, during which the tutor will give you feedback on prepared work on a particular topic. 
  • Classes vary from course to course. Many courses have classes and/or practical sessions each week. These might cover specific areas of your course, or concentrate on developing your language or other particular skills. These may be compulsory or optional depending on the course. The quantity of these classes is also likely to vary depending on the stage in the degree.
  • Lectures cover important topics relating to your course, and are organised by your subject department. Different courses vary in the number of lectures that students have to attend each week, and at each stage of the degree.Lectures are intended to supplement and support your independent studying and give information that will be relevant to what you are studying that term.
  • Independent study is expected of every undergraduate student. Our undergraduate courses are full-time and on average our students spend around 40 hours a week studying. Every student will manage their time differently, making sure they can fit in all their studies, hobbies and interests. Learning how to juggle all your commitments is an important part of managing your time.

We have a wide range of courses available at St Hilda's, covering the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.


St Hilda's is located on the banks of the River Cherwell and our beautiful grounds allow students to relax and enjoy their surroundings. During the autumn and winter, students can watch the leaves of the trees change and in the spring and summer, the College puts out deckchairs and have BBQs (if the weather allows us!). 

Walking around Oxford is incredibly easy and everything is close together. Bikes are also really cheap and popular ways to travel around the city. The College is two minutes away from Cowley Road, which has lots of different independent shops, restaurants, cafés and bars. We are the closest Oxford college to the main Oxford University Sports complex on Iffley Road. Facilities include a power-lifting gym, rowing tank, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and running track. 

Personal and educational support

Going to University and moving away from home for the first time is an amazing experience, but let's be honest, it is also scary too! At St Hilda's, we're here to help you through that transition. We want you to succeed and to do this, we have a lot of personal and educational support in place. Each undergraduate student is assigned a personal tutor to help you with any academic questions. We have college doctors, a college nurse, and a college counsellor available on site most weekdays during term time. The College Dean is here to provide support as well as the Junior Deans who are available 24/7 during term time. 

Financial support

Going to University is expensive but we want to make sure that all our students have the support they need. The College has an extensive range of funds and bursaries that are available to students. We also have several prizes to be won throughout the academic year for academic excellence.

It's not all about work!

Outside of work, we have many different activities, clubs, and societies for our students to be involved with at St Hilda's, including football, netball, drama, poetry, and dance. 

 St Hilda's football team after they won the Cuppers competition in 2020.











Students enjoying autumn colour in St Hilda's College grounds St Hilda's College LibrarySouth Lawn, looking towards South Building, St Hilda's College