Post-Graduation Prizes and Bursaries

The following prizes and bursaries are available for St Hilda's students to apply for after their graduation.

History: The Hildegard Prize is an annual award to a History, or History and Joint Schools, student of St Hilda's College to assist them in undertaking postgraduate research or to participate in a research programme, internship, or training that will further their development as an historian. Candidates must be either current undergraduate or graduate students of St Hilda's or have graduated from the College within the last three years. Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic excellence and potential. The annual award is £1500. Applications should be made on the Hildegard Prize application form found on the Grants and Bursaries webpage, which should be submitted, along with a CV and a proposal of no more than 500 words stating the purpose for which the Prize will be used, to the Academic Office in St Hilda's by the deadline of late June each year.

Teach First Bursaries: Teach First is an influential charity that is delivering far-reaching social and economic change by addressing educational disadvantage. Their approach is to attract high-calibre, highly motivated graduates into leadership development programmes focusing on the achievements and aspirations of pupils and their access to further opportunities in education and beyond. The Teach First Leadership Development Programme combines teacher training and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with one-to-one coaching and the opportunity to study for a Masters qualification in the second year. To apply for Teach First you will need to register interest and fill in an online application form here. St Hilda's College provides a bursary (normally £500, subject to the number of participants in any year). There is no application needed: Teach First advises the College which students from the College are joining the programme. Those accepting the bursary will be expected to engage with College in its outreach activity to ensure that the brightest pupils apply to St Hilda's College, regardless of background.