Practicalities and what to do if something goes wrong

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of Frequently asked questions and some useful contacts. See also the general University pages on examinations, including alternative arrangements.

Taking items into an examination:


  • University ID (Bodleian) card
  • Stationery (pens, pencils, etc), ideally in a clear plastic bag. You may not bring paper into the examination
  • sub fusc; mortar boards and gowns may be removed during the examination


  • Non-carbonated water in a clear spill-proof bottle (sports/valve cap)
  • Calculator (if permitted for the exam paper)
  • Watch and wallet/small purse (subject to inspection by invigilator)
  • Individual timetable (subject to inspection by invigilator)
  • In-ear ear plugs

You may bring the following items into the exam room provided that you have a medical need and you have a letter of support from the Academic Registrar:

  • Insulin and silent diabetes testing kit
  • Asthma inhaler
  • Epi-pen
  • Over-the-counter and/or prescription medicines
  • Medical aids such as a wrist splint/support, back support pillow, ice pack, etc.
  • Glucose or energy drink in a clear bottle with a spill proof top (sports cap)
  • Small unobtrusive snack (please note that nuts may not be taken into the exam room). Please be aware that the invigilators will remove any items of food that may cause a disturbance to other candidates, e.g. crisps, items with noisy wrappers, etc, and that chewing gum is not allowed
  • Glucose tablets
  • Coloured overlays

The examinations staff will require you to show the letter in support of these items, and reserve the right to confiscate any item should they deem it inappropriate to be taken into the exam room. If you are in any doubt about whether you may bring an item into the exam, please check in advance with the Exams and Assessment team by email or telephone: 01865 (2)76917.


  • Unauthorised material (including revision notes) or equipment relevant to the examination
  • Good luck charms and items
  • Coats and bags (these should be left in the designated holding area)
  • Screw-cap bottles/non-clear bottles/fizzy water (except on medical grounds with prior approval)
  • Medicines (unless prior approval granted)
  • Mobile phones/MP3 players/cameras and similar electronic devices
  • Smart watches

Do not bring valuable items to the Examination Schools. Items which are not permitted in the examination will have to be left either in the main hall or marquee at your own risk.

Sitting your examination

Do Don't
Arrive 20 minutes before your examination Arrive just as your examination is scheduled to start
Read carefully the instructions on the front of your examination paper Leave your examination within the first or last 30 minutes
Write in black or blue ink Write in pencil
Cross through your rough notes If you don't cross through your rough notes they may be marked by an examiner
Complete the question numbers you have answered on the front page of the script booklet Complete the examiners column on the front page of the script booklet
Complete your candidate details on the front of our script booklet: candidate number, date, examination Write your name, University ID or Student Self Service number on the front of the script booklet

Examination conduct

Do Don't
Raise your hand if you have a question Communicate with any person during the exam, other than the invigilator
Raise your hand if you suspect there is a mistake on the examination paper Ask if you do not understand a word or phrase on the exam paper, neither examiner nor invigilator is permitted to answer
Raise your hand if you need to leave the room, e.g. in the case of illness Leave or re-enter the examination unless permitted by an invigilator

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding examinations. Useful contacts and websites can also be found at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find my candidate number?

You can view your candidate number either through Student Self-Service on the Academic and Assessment Information page, or by looking at the top of your individual timetable.

I do not feel very well on the morning of my examination, what do I do?

If you are taken ill on the morning of an examination you must contact the College immediately. Call either the Porters' Lodge (01865 276884) or the Academic Office (01865 276889).

I do not feel very well during my examination, what do I do?

If you feel ill during an examination inform the invigilator in the room who will inform the Examination Schools staff. The Schools staff will take whatever action is necessary, which may include making arrangements for you to be escorted back to college or, with serious illness, calling for an ambulance.
Once you have left the examination room due to sickness, you will be advised that you will not be able to continue that same paper in college. If you choose to return to the examination room then you will not be allowed to leave and return again.

Is it possible to withdraw from an assessment or an examination?

Under some circumstances a student may withdraw from an examination, either before attempting any papers or before the written part of the examination is complete, and apply to re-enter on a later occasion.
A candidate who is deemed to have withdrawn from an examination is considered not to have sat the examination or any part of it: therefore he or she has not failed the examination, but nor are any marks valid (e.g. for essays etc. submitted before the unwritten papers).
Candidates who wish to withdraw from an examination must inform their Senior Tutor (or other responsible college officer) who in turn will notify the Examination Schools and Chairman of Examiners.

When is the latest point I can withdraw from an assessment or examination?

The regulations do not allow candidates to withdraw after the written part of the examination is complete. The point of completion shall be deemed to be the conclusion of the last paper for which the candidate has entered, or the time by which a dissertation or other written material is due to be submitted, whichever is the later.

What should I do if I've lost my Bod Card?

You should present your University Card at Exam Schools before each exam. If you've lost your card, please contact the Academic Office ( and a new card will be ordered. A lost card will be replaced only after a fee of £15 is paid via the online University Shop.

What happens if I fail to turn up for an exam on time?

Exam Schools will admit candidates to exams up to half an hour after the exam has started and no later. If a student is absent at the start of an exam, the Exam Schools will notify the College who will then attempt to find the missing student. If you are unable to get to the Exam Schools on time, for whatever reason, please let the Porters' Lodge (01865 276884) or the Academic Office (01865 276889) know immediately.

What happens if I don't complete an exam?

If you do not complete the written part of an exam (including failing to turn up for a paper, or failing to submit essays, notebooks, dissertations etc. which are part of an exam), you will be deemed to have failed the exam unless the Proctors are satisfied that there was an urgent cause, such as illness). In the case of illness, a medical certificate must be submitted to the Proctors, via the Academic Registrar. Please note that computer or printer problems, or the loss or theft of computer data that has not been backed-up or kept separately, will not be accepted as legitimate reasons for a late or non-submission.

Can I amend a submission once it has been handed in?

It is not possible to make amendments or add material to an extended essay, thesis, etc. once it has been submitted. Please ensure that you check your work thoroughly before it is handed in.

What happens if the examiners say that my script is illegible?

The UAS Exam Services team will contact you if one or more of your examination scripts has been identified as illegible to arrange for them to be transcribed. You will be asked to attend a scheduled transcription session at the Exam Schools, for which you will be assigned a date and time.
There is an administration fee of £40, plus £10 per hour for an invigilator and £10 per hour for a typist. A transcription session lasting three hours would cost £100.
Payment for transcription can be made via the online shop. The administration fee must be paid before the transcription session and you will then be asked to pay the fee for the invigilator and typist at the end of the session, before you leave the Exam Schools.
Transcription sessions are limited to four hours, and sessions begin at either 9am or 2pm.
Please make every effort to ensure that your answers are clearly legible.

How do I get my results?

Results are published via the Student Self-Service website.

Useful Contacts

Senior Tutor: Dr Sarah Norman
Tel: 01865 276811

Academic Registrar: Mrs Becky Unwin
Tel: 01865 276889

College Nurse: Mrs Caroline Smith
Tel: 01865 286645

College Doctor: Dr Antony Maddison / Dr Emma Walker
Tel: 01865 515731

JCR Welfare Reps 2020/21:

Women's Welfare Officer - Zaynab Ahmed
Men's Welfare Officer - Nikhil Kommineni

University Counselling Service:
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Tel: 01865 288450

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