Life after a Psychology Degree at Oxford

What do St Hilda’s Psychology graduates do? Here are a few answers…

Profile 1

‘I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left Hilda's, but knew that I didn't want to rush into a career without being sure that it was right. I decided to do an internship as an interim measure whilst I explored my options. I applied to L'Oreal, and worked in marketing for their haircare products for nine months. Internships are a great way to get a permanent job on a graduate scheme, but in the end, I decided that marketing was not for me (even though it was lots of fun!) and took a place on the Graduate Leadership Scheme at Friends Provident. My current rotation is as a project manager in e-business, and I will do 3-5 more 6 month rotations before deciding where I want to be in the company - it's a great way to find out exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie and to broaden your experience before settling down in a role.’

Profile 2

‘After completing my degree in PPP, I went on to study an MA in Medical Ethics and Law. This was something I had always been interested in and thought it would be a good way to spend a year whilst I thought further about what I intended to do. I did apply to graduate medicine, for which I thought the MA would also be useful, however my application was unsuccessful.

Whilst I was revising for the medical ethics exam, I learnt more about the role of genetic counsellers, a course for which I am now going to apply. I am currently working as a teaching assistant in order to gain care experience to apply for this course. My developmental psychology studies have been invaluable in enabling me to work with two young autistic students and generally in helping students with their work. I feel that my degrees will be helpful, both from a psychological and physiological perspective, and from an ethics perspective. Additionally, I am a tutor for an organisation called Oxbridge Applications, for which I give mock interviews to Oxbridge applicants and tutor those who are applying for PPP, helping with their understanding of the broader scope of the subjects, as well as an insight into the application process.’