Sport at St Hilda's

Sport can be played at every level, from casual involvement to College or University teams.  

In recent years, St Hilda's has been successful in a variety of sports, including rowing, netball, rugby and football. See pictures from recent events in our Photo Gallery.

Our Men's Football Team 2019/20 won Cuppers; an amazing achievement!

At Torpids 2019, our men's and women's first boats both won blades. W1 finished with five-bump blades and rose to Division 2. M1 ended the compeition at 7th in Division IV, the highest they have ever been. At the 2018 Summer Eights, our Men's 1st and 3rd boats won blades. M1 moved up four places, to 5th in Division 4. M3 moved up four from Division 7 to Division 6.

St Hilda’s won mixed touch rugby Cuppers for the first time in 2018. Our Men's Hockey also reached the Cuppers final, but lost out to Worcester College.

St Hilda’s Octopush (underwater hockey) Team won Cuppers 2017 and 2018.

We are proud of the St Hilda's students who achieved Blues in 2018/19:

  • Ed David was elected as the 2019 OURFC Men’s Blues Captain. 
  • Emily Wilkins – Cricket blue
  • Jacob Schiele – Hockey Blue
  • TJ Fitzgerald – represented Gurnsey at the Commonwealth games for Fencing
  • Georgia Bacon – Lacrosse Blue
  • Isa Cooper – Two Netball Blues
  • Digby Hopkinson-Wooley – Skiing half blue
  • Esther Gillespie – Skiing half blue
  • Alex Rackow – Two Cricket Blues
  • Fiona Kennedy- Rugby was a member of the Women's Blues Squad for the 2018 Varsity Rugby Match.
St Hilda's Mens' Football Team Cuppers 2019/20Student Activities and Societies