Kathy Wilkes Memorial Fund

"Some have sought to understand the world; others have sought to change it. Kathy's goal was to understand the world, but by insisting on the right of others to join with her in seeking to understand it, she did change the world as well." 

The above quotation comes from an extract from The Guardian's obituary, published by Bill Newton-Smith on 19 September 2003. To read the rest of the extract, please click on the green button on the right to download the article. 

The Fund

The purpose of this fund is to establish a named graduate award in Philosophy at St Hilda’s College, in memory of St Hilda’s distinguished Fellow in Philosophy, Dr Kathy Wilkes (1946 - 2003).

The fund will primarily benefit students normally resident in one of the countries with which Dr Wilkes was closely associated; these particularly include the Czech Republic and Croatia, but also other countries in Eastern Europe. Should no suitable applicants from these countries apply in any given year, preference will instead be given to a graduate student wishing to work in Philosophy of the Mind, reflecting the distinguished contribution that Dr Wilkes made to that field.

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The Kathy Wilkes Memorial Conference – April 17 and 18, 2018

Dr Anita Avramides, Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy, has published an account of the 2018 Kathy Wilkes Memorial Conference in the 2019 edition of Oxford Philosophy. Click the green button on the right to download the article.

The conference sessions are also available to view here on the St Hilda’s JdP Livestream service. The conference programme is available at the right of this page, with details of the speakers for each of the sessions.

Exploring Identity – Dr Wilkes as Tutor
Amongst the many distinguished speakers at the conference were former students of Dr Wilkes, including Professor Helen Steward who studied P.P.E. at St Hilda’s College, and was a Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Balliol College, Oxford until 2007, she is currently Professor of Philosophy at the University of Leeds. Those who remember Dr Wilkes’ tutorials will enjoy Professor Steward’s reminiscences;  ‘Kathy treated our ideas with utmost respect… we were made to feel that we were worth listening to… She was the ultimate mentor’.

Professor Steward’s session can be seen in Conference Session 1 at 31.00 – 41.36 with an introduction by Dr Anita Avramides. 


Kathy Wilkes