St Hilda's College Men's Football Team wins Cuppers 2019/20

St Hilda's Men's Football Team have won the Football Cuppers competition!  Having defeated Univ, Somerville, Worcester and St...

Open rehearsal, Making The Cellist, with Cathy Marston and dancers from the Royal Ballet

The life of the celebrated cellist and our Honorary Fellow, Jacqueline du Pré, has inspired a new work by the Royal Ballet.

Professor Martyn Harry, John Bennett Lecturer in Music, rehearses his new children's opera, 'Vehicles', at the JdP Music Building before it premieres

Professor Martyn Harry, our John Bennett Lecturer in Music, is currently rehearsing his new children's opera, Vehicles, at the...

 “At His Majesty’s Pleasure” by our John Bennett Lecturer in Music, Professor Martyn Harry, premieres on 28 February

Martyn Harry, professor of composition at the Faculty of Music and John Bennett Lecturer in Music at St Hilda's, will conduct...

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Feb Feb

St Hilda's College Philosophy Symposium for this term will be given by Professor Nicholas Bunnin, Institute of Chinese Studies...

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Mar Mar

Alastair Macaulay (former Chief Dance Critic of The New York Times), will give a guest lecture on the great twentieth-century...

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Mar Mar

St John the Evangelist Church and St Hilda’s College

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Mar Mar

The new Climax Centre for Therapeutic Innovation at St Hilda’s is delighted to welcome Dr Nick Cammack, Head of the Wellcome...