Winners Announced for SciPo Poetry Competition 'The Science of the Seas'

1st September 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the SciPo Poetry Competition for 2020: 

1st Place: Lesley Saunders with the poem Palinurus

2nd Place: Eveline Pye with the poem Mother of the Sea.

We also congratulate our Commended:

Dorothy Yamamoto with the poem Nautilus

Katharina Dixon-Ward with the poem Pond Liner, 9pm

Anoushka Havinden with the poem The Bathymetry of the Inner Sound

and Daniele Nunziata  with the poem Thalassa

The winning entries will be made available on the Scipo Network website on the 1 September 2020. They will be read aloud at the SciPo Interim event for 2020, 'Science of the Seas'. You can still register to attend 'Science of the Seas', which will take place on 3 September.