We are delighted to announce the opening of The Jocelyn Morris Quad

29th September 2018
Sir Gordon and Lady Duff welcome guests to the opening of the Jocelyn Morris Quad

On the morning of 29 September 2018, our Principal, Professor Sir Gordon Duff, warmly welcomed the families and friends of Jocelyn Morris, FSA (Archaeology, 1940), Rosalind Hill (History, 1928) and Sylvia Mann (History, 1947) to the opening of The Jocelyn Morris Quad and the new student residences named in their honour. Sir Gordon spoke of the achievements and generosity of our three alumnae before three ribbons were cut by their representatives.

The Jocelyn Morris Quad is the new name for the cluster of student accommodation buildings on the junction of Iffley Road and Stockmore Street in Oxford. The Quad was developed as part of our plans to improve and increase facilities for our students. Work began in July 2017 and the completed project provides 67 high-quality study bedrooms, most with ensuite bathrooms, for the start of Michaelmas Term 2018. There are a number of kitchens, each serving between 3 and 7 rooms. Rosalind Hill House has 11 rooms, including 3 fully-accessible rooms on the ground floor. It has an accessible kitchen with height-adjustable fittings. The buildings - Stockmore House, Rosalind Hill House (next to Stockmore House and built in the same style), Catherine Fulford House (formerly Fulford House) and Sylvia Mann House (formerly 85/87 Iffley Road) - all share a central garden that is also getting a landscape makeover. We have increased the number of rooms in Catherine Fulford House from 30 to 37, 25 of which are en-suite. Of the 12 rooms in Sylvia Mann House, 6 are en-suite. 

Jocelyn Morris (Archaeology, 1941) was a History graduate from Westfield College, University of London. She was accepted for a B.Litt on 'Romano-British pottery from the Oxford Region', for which she was attached to St Hilda's, although her studies were based at the Ashmolean. In 1942, Jocelyn left Oxford to undertake war work. She returned on her retirement in 1978, but had supported St Hilda's since 1968, when she began donating to the College's building appeal. Sylvia Mann came up from Wimbledon High School to an Oxford full of young people released from the Forces. After her graduation she continued to take considerable interest in the plans and activities of St Hilda's, and until recently, she came almost every year to the Gaudy. Rosalind Hill was described by our former Principal, Mary Moore, in St Hilda's Report and Chronicle 1996-97, as 'a distinguished scholar and a great teacher, and in her presence I was always conscious of the back-bone, as it were, of moral and intellectual principle that underlay everything she did and said; and yet she was always approachable, warm, kind and humorous.'

Our guests enjoyed a tour of the buildings conducted by one of Jocelyn Morris Quad's first undergraduate residents, Aileen Kearney (Oriental Studies, 2016). We hope that our students will be very happy in their new College homes and thank Jocelyn Morris, Sylvia Mann and Rosalind Hill for their generosity to St Hilda's.




Jocelyn MorrisCutting of the ribbon of the Jocelyn Morris QuadCutting of the ribbon at the Jocelyn Morris QuadDr Maggy Rayner remembers Jocelyn Morris, Sylvia Mann and Rosalind HillSylvia Mann HouseDr Georgina Paul welcomes our guests to Sylvia Mann HouseOriental Studies undergradute, Aileen Kearney, in Jocelyn Morris Quad