Violet Mary Toy received a medal from Emmeline Pankhurst for joining the hunger strike in Holloway Prison

7th June 2018

The fascinating story of St Hilda's alumna, Violet Mary Toy, nee Doudney, 1998–1952 (English, 1908), was told by her son, John Toy, to The Scarborough News.

Joy graduated from St Hilda's in 1911 and moved to London in 1912. She joined the Women's Social and Political Union founded by Emmeline Pankhurst and backed the campaign breaking windows of senior politicians to make a stance against the treatment of suffragettes in prison on hunger strike. Joy was sentenced to two months hard labour at Holloway Prison, in London, where she joined the hunger strike. Find out more in The Scarborough News.

As we celebrate the centenary of some women winning the right to vote as well as the 125th anniversary of St Hilda's College, we are proud to remember the lives and achievements of our inspirational alumnae who fought against injustice.