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Usama Pervaiz

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s?
The best thing about St Hilda's is the diverse pool of smart and talented people from all over the world. There is so much to learn in terms of science, culture, and history by just getting to know fellow St Hilda's colleagues.

What’s your favorite place in College and why?
My favourite place in College is the MCR as one can engage there in a wide range of meaningful social and leisure activities.

If you could raise money for one thing to help students what would it be?
I would raise money for the tuition fee grants. There are so many brilliant international applicants that are offered a place at the University of Oxford but can't join because of the increased tuition fee. It would be lovely to have merit-need-based scholarships for such students.

Why should alumnae give to St Hilda’s?
The giving back by alumnae matters as your funds will significantly support the educational activities of St Hilda's students. St Hilda's has given all of us so much, and to donate would create and strengthen a chain of giving back and helping others through future generations.

If you have received a bursary, scholarship, or grant, how has this made a difference to you?
I received a research/travel grant to attend a neuroscience conference in 2019 (the first year of my DPhil). It not only allowed me to present my work to fellow scientists but also to refine the objectives and goals of my DPhil.

Can you give an example of an activity or event run by the MCR that you have particularly enjoyed?
I organised an informal fun event called 'thirsty Thursday: academic elevator pitch' where speakers from diverse backgrounds taught us about their study/research areas. It was an interactive event as the audience had a chance to drop a few questions about the pitches and learn about diverse topics ranging from neuroscience to linguistics.

Usama Pervaiz