Training for St John Ambulance Volunteer Vaccinators at St Hilda's College

15th February 2021
St John Ambulance volunteer vaccinator training

The volunteer-led health charity St John Ambulance began its programme of training for volunteer vaccinators on the weekend of 23/24 January, using St Hilda's as an Oxford Training hypercentre. The training will continue through February and by the close of the session on 14 February, 687 volunteers had been trained.

We were delighted to help with their efforts to help vaccinate the nation by donating our buildings, including the first-time use of our new Pavilion and Anniversary Building. Thank you to our own volunteer staff who helped to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Many thanks also to neighbouring Magdalen College School and Oxford City Council who provided parking on the school grounds and near to Cowley Place for the trainers and volunteer vaccinators. All has gone well despite the sometimes challenging weather conditions and we look forward to the coming weekends of training.

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