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Transforming St Hilda's College Site

Supporting St Hilda's

St Hilda’s was founded on philanthropy, and continues to rely on the support of alumnae and friends for a significant proportion of its funding. None of the major changes that have ever taken place in the College would have been possible without generous support from the St Hilda’s community, and we are deeply grateful to all of our donors. However, further funding is still needed to enable us to provide the accommodation, facilities and financial support that our students and academics need and deserve.

The 125th Anniversary Campaign, launched in 2018, was set up to raise enough money to fund a significant improvement to the very fabric of the College, as well as to secure academic positions to continue our tradition of excellence in teaching and research. The College’s twin aims of ‘Excellence and Equality’ are well served by the Campaign, as support for bursaries and scholarships as well as important Access work is also sought. Significant progress has been made in all these areas since 2018, particularly with the recent completion of two new buildings and the revitalisation of the College entrance, in spite of the unforeseen challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our students have been greatly affected - both financially and socially - by the restrictions made necessary by the pandemic, and so the College has set up an emergency COVID-19 Student Support Fund to help our students continue to make the most of their education.

All gifts make a difference, so donate now to be a part of the College’s most ambitious project in its history.

Alumnae are part of the St Hilda’s community for the entire duration of their lives. Many choose to recognise this by remembering the College in their Will, while others’ lives are celebrated by the creation of Memorial Funds. This means that their names will live on in the College that meant so much to them, and they will be remembered by generations of students to come.