Subject-Specific Grants for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at St Hilda's are encouraged to apply for the following subject-specific grants.

History: The Morgan Fund is used to award prizes and travel bursaries to undergraduates reading History. Applications are made direct to the History Tutors on the K.O. Morgan Application Form on WebLearn.

Medieval History: Beryl Smalley Fund. This is available to assist undergraduates reading history (or a joint school including history) with travel in connection with medieval studies. Applications are made through the History Tutors.

Classics: Christina Keith and Mary Burn Fund. This fund is managed by the Principal. The donor provided that it should be used for an undergraduate student of Classics 'most likely to profit thereby'. Grants are conventionally made to classicists (including those in joint schools) for travel relevant to their studies. Applications should be made through the Classics tutors.

English: Rosalind Jane Bairstow Bursary. This annual bursary is intended to assist one undergraduate reading English (or a joint school including English) with one year's graduate study. Applications are accepted from eligible final year undergraduates and the scholarship should be taken up in the academic year immediately following completion of the undergraduate course. Application Form on WebLearn.