Student Support Fund

COVID-19 Student Support Fund

The ability to support our students has always been at the heart of the College’s mission. Our ethos of excellence and equality can only be achieved by making a St Hilda’s education available to all those deserving of it, through working to remove financial barriers. We are very proud of the many ways in which we already offer support to our students; however, the COVID-19 crisis has put far greater pressure on our students than ever before, and the effects are likely to continue.

The COVID-19 Student Support Fund has been created to provide the essential extra support required to help our students through this crisis and its ongoing impact. The money raised will be used to provide grants for academic and research support, such as the purchasing of books, as well as for the technical equipment required to help with remote learning and online exams. Those graduating now, and no doubt in the years to come, will be entering a much changed job market. These funds will also be used to offer career support, such as grants to assist with the cost of internships, to give our students the best start possible on leaving St Hilda’s.

Every penny donated to this fund will directly aid our students.