St Hilda's women

D.K. Broster (1877-1950)
St Hilda's: 1896-1900
Novelist probably best known for her Jacobite trilogy: The Flight of the Heron, The Gleam in the North and The Dark Mile.

Ruby Ferguson [née Ashby] (1899-1966)
St Hilda's: 1919-1922
Novelist most remembered as author of the 'Jill' series of pony books 1949-1962. Written with an engaging wit not often found in the genre, they remained in print much longer than many others.

Helen Gardner (1908-1986)
St Hilda's: 1926-1930, Fellow 1942-1966 and Honorary Fellow
Literary scholar and critic noted for her work on T.S. Eliot and the metaphysical poets. Appointed C.B.E. and D.B.E., she was a Fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Society of Literature.

Helen Grindrod [née Pritchard] (1936-2002)
St Hilda's: 1954-1957
Barrister particularly celebrated for her advocacy for victims of sexual violence and her work for penal reform.

Angela Lambert [née Helps] (1940-2007)
St Hilda’s: 1958-1961
Writer and journalist who published both fiction and non fiction. Probably best known for her novel A Rather English Marriage.

Doris Odlum (1890-1985)
St Hilda's: 1909-1913 and Honorary Fellow
Distinguished psychiatrist who worked particularly with the psychiatric problems of children.

Barbara Pym (1913-1980)
St Hilda's: 1931-1934
Novelist who enjoyed success in the 1950s and was then unpublished for many years before being 'rediscovered' in the 1970s.

Rosalyn Tureck (1914-2003)
St Hilda's: Visiting Fellow 1974 and Honorary Fellow
Concert pianist and harpsichordist particularly known for her interpretation of J.S. Bach.

Tsuda Umeko (1864-1929)
St Hilda's: 1899
Born Tsuda Umé, she was founder of Joshi Eigaku Juku (now Tsuda College), one of the first higher education institutions for women in Japan.

Kathy Wilkes (1946-2003)
St Hilda's: Fellow 1973-2003
Philosopher renowned for her supportive and courageous work in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and in former Czechoslovakia.

Cecil Woodham-Smith [née Fitzgerald] (1896-1977)
St Hilda's: 1914-1917 and Honorary Fellow
Biographer and historian, noted especially for her Lives of Florence Nightingale and the young Queen Victoria.