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Mar Mar
2022 2022
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St Hilda's Philosophy Forum

17:00 to 19:00

Dr Federico Bongiorno will give this term's Philosophy Forum on How Can Delusions Be Beliefs?

Abstract: The Spinozan theory of belief fixation claims that people believe a proposition by default whenever they understand it. Doxasticism about delusions maintains that delusions are beliefs.  Doxasticism has been criticised by many on the grounds that delusions do not abide by the standards of epistemic rationality which we expect beliefs to conform to. In this talk I shall argue that a Spinozan view of belief fixation improves the prospects for doxasticism.  If belief fixation is Spinozan, then deviations from the norms of epistemic rationality are not just compatible with, but supportive of, the status of delusions as beliefs.

Dr Bongiorno will speak from 5.00 - 5.45pm, followed by a Q&A until 6.45pm. Drinks will be served in the Pavilion foyer.

There will be a dinner for College members after Dr Bongiorno's talk.  Those interested should email Dr Matthew Parrott.