St Hilda's College Writers' Day at the FT Oxford Literary Festival

4th April 2017
Book signing at St Hilda's Writers' Day, Oxford Literary Festival

Now in its eighth year, St Hilda's Writers' Day at Oxford Literary Festival was once again a great success.

We began by welcoming mother/daughter, author/illustrator team Wendy Meddour and Mina May. Interviewed by Nicolette Jones of The Sunday Times, they discussed working together on their 'Wendy Quill' books as well as how to get, and stay, published.

Next, we heard from award-winning author, poet, journalist, speaker and style blogger Rosalind Jana and her mother and poet, playwright, performer, and children's author, Polly Peters, who were chaired by Claire Armistead of The Guardian and the Observer. Their family's  adage is to write about their own experience as they have found that words can be a way of making sense of an incomprehensible experience. One example is 'The Colour Thief', a book for children that shares the experience of depression on a family from a child's point of view, something rarely covered in current literature on the topic.

We were delighted to introduce actor and writer, father and daughter, Oliver Ford Davies and Miranda Emmerson. Chaired by Nicolette Jones, they discussed how they have influenced and inspired each other with both their writing and their approach to life, as well as his study ‘Shakespeare’s Fathers and Daughters’, and her recent novel 'Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars'.

Chaired by Sue Saville, we ended the day with an inspiring talk by Sarah Morris and Nick Guthrie about pioneering video-journalist and reporter Sue Lloyd-Roberts’ final book, 'The War On Women'. Sarah completed the after her mother's death from leukaemia in October 2015. We heard about Sue's courage in bringing hidden issues into the open, including honour killings and female genital mutilation. When she saw injustice, it sparked her passion to fight against it.

Thank you to all our speakers, chairs, and audience members for making it a wonderful day. Special thanks to St Hilda's Media Network and it's Chair Triona Adams for making it happen.

Read more about how our Writers' Day has developed from when it began in 2008 or see some more images from our 2017 event in our photo gallery.