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Mar Mar
2021 2021
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St Hilda's Arts Week 2021

16:00 to 18:30

Our impressive line up of speakers, including a number of St Hilda's alumnae, will share their insights, reflections and advice about careers in the arts. The events, organised by members of our JCR, are free to attend, all welcome. Book tickets

7 March, 4 - 5pm: In conversation with poet, Wendy Cope (History, 1963)

The first event of a week celebrating creative women and their careers in the arts. This is particularly significant in the week of International Women's Day, and so to begin with the splendid talent that is Wendy Cope seems more than fitting. Join us for a blissful afternoon of conversation and poetry readings with this formidable poet. We will be talking about her life at St Hilda's, her career, her writing process, inspirations and also her impact on education reform.  Wendy will also be gracing us with some life readings of her favourite poems. What better way is there to spend a Sunday afternoon?

8 March, 3 - 4.15pm: SandStone Global- A Discussion with Ruth Sessions (Classics, 1986) and Bettany Hughes (Ancient and Modern History, 1985) 

Join us for an exciting conversation with these two incredible women and St Hilda's alumnae. Hear about their careers in TV, which led them to them founding and being a part of the award-winning production company, SandStone Global. Ruth, Director of Productions, and Bettany, Creative Director, can answer all your questions about creating, making and producing successful TV and groundbreaking films that make a difference, have sustained, widespread impact, and "nurture the close relationships that allow for exclusive access and valued, ongoing cross-border partnerships."

10 March, 2 - 2.45pm: Women in the Film industry with Philippa Lowthorpe (Classics, 1980), Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nicole Taylor (Law, 1997)

Join us for our first event of two in a day dedicated celebrating women's work  within the Film and TV industry. Our Guests are actor, Gugu Mbatha- Raw (known for Misbehaviour, Free State of Jones and Black Mirror to name a few); director, Philippa Lowthorpe (who directed Gugu in Misbehaviour and is known for work on Call the Midwife and the award-winning series, Three Girls); and screenwriter Nicole Taylor (writer of Three Girls, for which she won a BAFTA). The event will ask the questions why they got into the careers they did - inspiration and circumstance? What is more important talent or training? And how did they figure out what style/realm suited you most? As this is an all-female panel there will also be a focus on the treatment of  women in the industry, especially in the early stages of their careers. This is particularly important as the event falls in the same week as International Women's Day. Chaired by Maggie Moriarty (History 2019) with Elise Busset (French 2019).

Panel, 5 - 6.15pm: The World of Representation, Casting, Acting and Beyond with Casting Director, Carolyn McLeod, Agent, Emma Engers; Agent, Triona Adams; Actor and Writer, Charlie Covell 

Join us for an insightful and rich discussion about the nature of the acting industry and the respective careers of four wonderful women within it. With casting director, Carolyn McLeod; agent, Emma Engers; agent and now St Hilda's Alumnae Events Manager, Triona Adams (English, 1993); and actor/writer, Charlie Covell (English, 2003, best known for her adaption of End of the F***ing World). This event aims to answer all your questions about careers in the business, especially for women, minorities and marginalised groups. Talking place in the same week as International Women's day, it is our privilege to present four such powerful and successful women to highlight women within what has been and remains to be a very male-dominated profession. Chaired by Maggie Moriarty (History 2019) with Elise Busset (French 2019)

11 March: Writers' Panel, 6 - 7.15pm - How to create a literary career after Oxford with Rosalind Jana (English, 2013), Nicolette Jones (English, 1978) and Madeleine Perham (English, 2012)

Join us for a discussion with three incomparable St Hilda's alumnae to follow their paths from their degrees at St Hilda's to successful writing careers. The panel will be centred upon questions of how to get published/get your work on radio/what to do with a degree in English. They will also discuss how their times at St Hilda's have shaped their careers and the work that they create. As this is an all-female panel falling in the same week as International Women's Day, there will also be a focus on how women are treated within the writing industry. Chaired by Maggie Moriarty (History 2019) with Katherine Spurrier (English 2019)

12 March, 4 - 5pm: Q&A with Author, Broadcaster and Screenwriter, Rhidian Brook

Join us for a conversation with the wonderful Rhidian Brook. Author of The Aftermath, The Killing of Butterfly Joe, More than Eyes Can See and The Testimony of Taliesin Jones to name a few. His career has not been just confined to novels and screenplays either, Rhidian is an avid contributor to Radio 4, especially Thought of the Day, through which he has provoked many to think about the possibility of God and consider deeper spiritual dimensions of our lives and times. Covering many of the creative sectors, this is due to be a riveting and insightful discussion into Rhidian's rich career, what has motivated it and the impact it has had.

13 March. 5 - 6.30pm: Dramatic reading of St Hilda's very own new writing, Escape to Another Room by Kirsty Miles (English, 2020)