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Sophie Smith

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s?
The community, but the gorgeous location is definitely a huge bonus! All of the staff and students are really friendly and always up for a chat. You can just have a chat and destress a little when work is getting tough and that really helps.

If you could raise money for one thing to help students what would it be?
Funding for more accommodation – it is a massive pain and expense to live out in 2nd year in a city like Oxford, so having accommodation for all years of the undergraduate degree would eliminate the stress of finding a house and having to pay bills and rent for 11 months. Also, being in College accommodation makes everyone feel closer to one another (I guess you are physically!).

Why should alumnae give to St Hilda’s?
I’m sure alumnae will want future students to have the best time that they possibly can at St Hilda’s, and by donating to the College this can be achieved. With times changing, new developments will be required, and so any donations would hugely help in keeping the College a wonderful place to live and learn.

If you have received a bursary, scholarship or grant, how has this made a difference to you?
I received an extracurricular grant in my 1st and 2nd years to fund my sporting endeavours – and in 2nd year it allowed me to buy the necessary equipment to compete in the Powerlifting Varsity match against Cambridge and get a full blue! So the grants were of huge help to me, as otherwise the equipment costs would rack up.

Can you give an example of an activity or event run by the JCR that you have particularly enjoyed?
I really enjoyed Femfest run by the Women’s Officer in the JCR this year – she was able to bring in loads of really cool people to talk on a whole variety of topics and it was a joy to listen/watch.


Sophie Smith