Protect our community. Protect the vulnerable. Protect yourself.

A national lockdown was introduced across England from Tuesday 5 January 2021. The health and safety of all who study and work here is our highest priority and we are following guidance from the Government and the University to keep College members safe.The University of Oxford's website provides the latest information about COVID-19 for all students and staff. These pages are updated regularly. 

We reached a crucial milestone in the battle to beat COVID-19 on 4 January 2021. The UK National Health Service began the rollout of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine, with patients at the Oxford University NHS Hospitals Trust becoming the first to receive this life-saving vaccine. Find out more

The Government, within its 'Operation Moonshot', invited two universities, Oxford and Durham to take part in feasibility studies of a self-administered, low-cost, rapid-result test for coronavirus SARS-2.

Oxford University invited two colleges, St Hilda's and Merton, to pilot the field trial. Both colleges have begun to recruit, inform, consent and train students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to self-administer the test on a weekly basis. The trial is being run by the Nuffield Dept of Primary Health Sciences and has been approved by the Central University Research Ethics Committee. Staff members have also been invited to volunteer.

Find out more about the rapid-result test.

Students wearing face coverings, riverside walk, St Hilda's College