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Philosophy Symposium: 'The Heart-Mind: A Confucian Conception of the Self'

17:15 to 19:00

St Hilda's College Philosophy Symposium for this term will be given by Professor Nicholas Bunnin, Institute of Chinese Studies at Oxford University.

Title:  'The Heart-Mind: A Confucian Conception of the Self'


The Heart-Mind as a central notion of the self can be seen to underlie and order virtually all major aspects of Confucian philosophy. Puzzling about the heart-mind in Chinese thought can be compared to puzzling about the soul, the self or the subject in Western thought. I hope to persuade at least a few of you that critically exploring the heart-mind is not only philosophically important in its own right, but is also a worthy additional perspective to the complex philosophical culture in which we pursue philosophy in Oxford. My remarks focus on four inter-related topics: the heart-mind as transformational self; the heart-mind as relational self; the heart-mind as ethical self; the heart-mind and the rectification of names.

There will be a drinks reception and discussion after the talk.

The Symposium Dinner after the talk is by invitation and registration only.