The Pamela Gifford Fund

Pamela Mary Gifford (Classics, 1938) was born in Westgate-on-Sea in Kent in 1919. She began her studies at St Hilda’s in 1938, completing a BA in 1941 and receiving her Diploma in Education in 1942. From then until 1948, Pamela served at Channing, her former school, as Assistant Mistress; she followed this with a role as Classics Mistress at Hatfield Hall, Corbourg in Ontario, Canada. When she returned to England in 1950 she was appointed as both Head of Classics and Headmistress Elect at Upper Chine, gaining her full appointment to the position of Headmistress in 1955. She was well-known and loved by many of the women who attended Upper Chine, many of whom also have an affiliation with St Hilda’s College.

This bursary, in memory of Pamela Gifford (Classics, 1938) is awarded to one undergraduate student each year.

Pamela Gifford Memorial Fund, St Hilda's College