The Oxford Black History Month 100

12th October 2020

This Black History Month, the University of Oxford is highlighting the power of excellence and academic achievement, past and present, and how the contributions of Black people have contributed to the calibre of the University’s reputation. 

The Oxford BHM 100 brings together academics, books, artefacts, images, podcasts and assets compiled by Oxford students, academics and alumni. The first 25 have been published and we are delighted that among them is our Associate Research Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow and RAEng Engineering for Development Research Fellow, Dr Ana Namburete. Dr Namburete's research group focuses on how best to improve fetal ultrasound imaging, in-order to track fetal brain development and detect cerebral abnormalities in the womb. Her team create computational algorithms (using machine learning) to enhance the diagnostic value of sonographic images, and aim to make cost-effective ultrasound imaging an attainable reality for women during pregnancy. features in the list. You can hear Dr Namburete explain her research on ultrasound imaging for the fetal brain.

Also featured in the Oxford BHM 100 is our alumna, Dr Florence Mahoney. Dr Mahoney, an author and a teacher, was one of the first African women to earn a PhD in History. Her book, Gambia Studies, is one of the treasures of St Hilda's Library. 

We look forward to reading about the next 75 additions to this remarkable list.