Mr Ian Patrick Letter Restuccia

BSc, Engineering and Masters in Applied Mathematics University of Chile


I am a DPhil student in the Department of Statistics. I completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematical Engineering at the University of Chile, followed by a Masters in Applied Mathematics at the same institution. I am currently a DPhil student at the University of Oxford.


I teach first and second year probability, statistics, and graph theory options.

I have also been a tutor for the 3th year module of Applied Probability and 4th year module Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics.


My current research focuses on understanding how constraints affect certain models of population genetics in the spatial continuum. The models themselves translate into nice mathematical objects, like interacting particle systems, branching processes or measure valued processes. My focus is understanding how those models can incorporate external factors and how their behaviour changed by the addition of said externalities.


●   Olaf Hartig, Ian Letter, Jorge Pérez, 2017, A Formal Framework for Comparing Linked Data Fragments, International Semantic Web Conference 2017.

●   Ian Letter, Servet Martínez, 2018, A probabilistic analysis of a continuous-time evolution in recombination.

●   Frederic Alberti, Ellen Baake, Ian Letter, Servet Martínez, 2020, Solving the migration-recombination equation from a genealogical point of view.