Meet the JCR Executive Committee 2020-2021

In this unusual Trinity Term, members of the JCR elected their committee members for academic year 2020-2021 via virtual hustings. We are delighted to introduce our new executive committee, who describe the virtual 'husts' and their future plans.  

James Bromfield, President (PPE, 2019)

“Virtual hustings were an odd experience, with the normal verbal feedback of a hustings replaced by silent nods and clapping emojis. However, the weekly husts have provided a nice structure to the term, and an opportunity to see other College members regularly! The elected committee is full of a wide range of talented individuals, who I hope will pull together to create a really successful year for the JCR and the College. There will be significant change when we return to St Hilda’s, with inevitable COVID-19 implications and the more exciting opening of the new buildings. The priority will be to ensure that the JCR manages these changes comfortably and that we are there to support all members of the JCR! Mainly we just can’t wait to get back and see everyone!”

Ellena Eley, Vice President (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, 2019)

"Online husts were certainly a new experience and I considered myself very lucky not to be in the first week. However, what remained the same was the insane attendance and support from the JCR community. WiFi problems aside, it was incredible to see so many members of the community and definitely nerve wracking to have to read my laboured over but still terrible acrostic poem in front of what felt like the entirety of the JCR!

Over the next academic year, I would like to work with the other members of the committee to help the students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the current students and the incoming Freshers who may be starting university in a very different environment to us. I am looking forward to doing my best to work with other members of the College to achieve their aims so that we can all work together to keep life at St Hilda's so brilliant."

Millie Drew, Secretary (English, 2019)

"Whilst I missed the buzz and excitement that comes with participating in husts in the JCR, I thought the committee did a great job of replicating the experience virtually! I really looked forward to seeing everyone at the routine Zoom meetings on Sundays at 2pm! 

Life at St Hilda’s has obviously been immeasurably interrupted due to the pandemic and on our return, cross-college communication is going to be more important than ever. Keeping everyone in the loop will be essential to allow everyone to make the most of their time at Hilda’s despite the difficult circumstances. I have no doubt that this year’s committee will do a fantastic job of facilitating these adjustments to College life, and will continue to be a great support for all, whether that’s for incoming students or those already studying and working at College."

Anna Barber, Treasurer (PPE, 2019)

"I never would have imagined when I started at St Hilda's college that we would be doing our JCR husts virtually. As I began my speech, my microphone was playing up and, in the words of some of the people I spoke to afterwards, 'sounded like a robot crossed with a dalek' - definitely a very novel issue from the first virtual husts! That said, this year's committee worked really hard to make it work as best as possible and it was also a great way to bring the JCR together every week.

This coming academic year will be affected greatly by lockdown and the fallout from COVID-19. In my role as treasurer, I hope to support all the students in our community, especially those whose finances have been affected significantly, by promoting adequately our grants and support schemes, particularly the JCR support fund, which is very underused currently. I am also really excited to work with the rest of the committee to think of innovative ways to put on events if social distancing measures are in place. Finally, I hope to work with the rest of the executive and other members of the JCR on plans to redecorate the Old Law Library to make the space more widely used." 

Many thanks to the outgoing JCR Committee members, led by President 2019-2020, Georgina Findlay, and welcome and good luck to the new team!


JCR Matriculation 2019James Bromfield, St Hilda's JCR President, 2020-2021Ellena Eley, St Hilda's JCR Vice President  2020-2021Millie Drew, JCR Secretary at St Hilda's College, 2020-2021Anna Barber, St Hilda's JCR Treasurer 2020-21