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May Moorwood

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s?
The welcoming and inclusive environment makes St Hilda’s stand out. There are so many events which bring together different subjects and years, and mean that both in College and around Oxford there is always a friendly face.

What’s your favourite place in College and why?
My favourite place in College is probably Garden Building. Even though the pandemic meant that we didn’t get to spend all of first year there, it still played a really important part in College life. There was always a cup of tea happening in someone’s room and the door was always open for more people to come and join. The atmosphere really reflected the “Hilda’s spirit” of welcoming everyone, and even the unusual architecture and squirrels became iconic by the end!

Why should alumnae give to St Hilda’s?
I think for students, having the knowledge that College money has come from previous St Hilda’s students is really touching and means that anything that alumnae give is appreciated for its backstory and on a personal level. I also think that giving to the College is a way to reinvest the time and effort that is spent by St Hilda’s on students, and enables them to continue making College experience positive especially after the pandemic.

If you have received a bursary, scholarship or grant, how has this made a difference to you?
Without as much access to libraries during Covid, I have had to buy quite a few of the books on my reading list for myself this year, which would have been too expensive had I not had access to a St Hilda’s Book Grant. The grant allows students up to £60 a term to purchase books and it has really helped me to get the best out of my degree. It is also really touching to hear where money from College comes from. When I received my scholarship last Michaelmas, the backstory of the alumna who provided the scholarship made it far more meaningful and I think this would be a good addition to any financial contributions from College.

Can you give an example of an activity or event run by the JCR that you have particularly enjoyed?
The JCR formal in Michaelmas term was something that really made College feel like a shared space again. It was great to see everyone in one place, despite restrictions and distancing, and meant we could all share an occasion after two terms of online events.

May Moorwood