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Kirsty Miles

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s?
My friends. Because of the community of like-minded people it creates, I've made some of the best friends I've ever had at St Hilda's. The cat comes a close second - Teabag's a great cat presence to have while I'm away from mine!

What’s your favourite place in College and why?
I love turning the corner after walking down Cowley Place, going through the entrance and seeing an expanse of river and fields open up before you. So I suppose my favourite place is the entrance, especially on a particularly sunny day or if there's a great sunset.

If you could raise money for one thing to help students what would it be?
I think the grants and bursaries are particularly important. It gets us that little bit closer towards financial stability for all students. This is crucial at a university where there are economic barriers built in, such as not being allowed to have a job alongside our studies.

Why should alumnae give to St Hilda’s?
St Hilda's has so much to offer: a beautiful location, a music building, a great community. We want to be able to maintain this experience and better it for those who need extra support. Even small donations accumulate and really contribute towards this ultimate goal.

Can you give an example of an activity or event run by the JCR that you have particularly enjoyed?
As a first year, Freshers' Week still feels so recent. It was my first week at the College as well as my first interaction with the JCR, and the efforts of the freshers' reps immediately blew me away. They did so well to adjust to the restrictions of the pandemic, and still managed to approach the week with immense enthusiasm and organisational skill. They really lifted our spirits in perhaps one of the most difficult Freshers' Weeks in history!

Kirsty Miles