Kamran Sharifi wins the 2020 Rachel McLean Award

21st May 2020
Rachel McLean Prize 2020
Kamran Sharifi wins the 29th (and the first virtual) Rachel McLean award. JCR Secretary, Alyssa Cho, describes the process for this unusual Trinity Term. 

Many aspects of College life have had to to be carried out remotely this term and the 29th Rachel McLean Prize is no different. The prize is awarded annually to a member of our College JCR who has 'improved College life and/or raised the profile of the College within the University.’

This year, instead of handwritten nomination forms that were to be ‘pidged’ to me, we made do with online forms submitted via e-mail. However, this certainly did not stop members of the JCR from pouring passionate, kind words into their nominations, as they singled out individuals who, in their opinion, were worthy of the prize. I received a fair few nominations. Needless to say, all were equally eloquent, sincere and moving, as they outlined the nominee’s efforts and contributions to the JCR or the wider Oxford community. These nominations are truly a testament to what an outstanding college St Hilda’s is. Reading them made me proud to be a member of a collective that is filled to the brim with such compassionate, warm and enthusiastic people.

The most difficult part of the process was deciding on the nominee shortlist, and then the winner of the prize. There was such an array of deserving winners that it was hard to narrow it down to a shortlist of five, let alone one, winner. But, with the assistance of the Principal and the Dean and their perceptive opinions, I was finally able to make a decision. High commendations must go to Thomas Barnes, Georgina Findlay, Amber Korde and Alison Fiorini for making the Nominee Shortlist, and Kamran Sharifi surely deserves 'congratulations' for being this year’s winner!

Of course, the good news was shared online. It is a great shame to be unable to celebrate such a meaningful prize with the usual drinks reception and speeches. We hope to be able to make up for this and have a greater celebration in the future. 

Congratulations to Kamran on winning this special College prize. Well done also to the shortlisted nominees and many thanks to Alyssa for organising the award.