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The IT Department

The IT Office at St Hilda's is happy to help with any computing issues you encounter during your time at the College. For general enquiries please email us at Our office is in the Anniversary building and our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We may not be in our offices all the time during these hours, so to avoid confusion please email us to arrange an appointment before dropping in if possible.

IT in Oxford

IT in Oxford is a shared responsibility between the College and the central University. While the IT team in College should be your first port of call, we might not be able to help directly if your issue involves central services -  But we can at least point you in the right direction.

Examples of University services are the Nexus365 email service, the Single Sign On system, WebLearn and Canvas.

Examples of College services are this website, the computer rooms, the booking system, and the SHIL-WIFI network.

Some things fall in the middle - General internet connectivity and Eduroam for example.

Single Sign On and Email

For more information on the single sign on system, please refer to the IT Services help page.

To access your College email via webmail, log in at

For guidance on configuring email clients such as Outlook and Mac Mail, please refer to the IT Services help pages.

College Computers, File Storage and Printing

Computers are available for use in the Library during their opening hours and 24 hours a day in the Anniversary building. You're welcome to store files in your private area (the O: shared drive) on these machines, which can subsequently be accessed from any of the computer room PCs as well as your own computer via Filr.

The Library computer room is equipped with a colour printer, scanner and copier. The Anniversary computer room has a black and white printer. You can print from the computer room machines, or from your own computer via iPrint. (Note: iPrint may not be accessible from non-University networks such as your mobile provider or home if living out. You may work around this by connecting to the VPN.)

Supporting Personal Devices

We'll do our best to support any devices you'd like to use in College. If you're having issues please get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you. Unfortunately we're unable to perform hardware repairs, but we can offer diagnosis and advice on how to proceed.

Security and Phishing Emails

It's critical that you protect your personal information online. Your computer should be protected by anti-virus software at all times, and to this end the University offers a free version of Sophos anti-virus which you can download from Self Registration here.

As a high profile institution, Oxford receives a large number of "phishing" emails that are designed to trick you into logging in to a fake log in prompt, usually modelled on the Single Sign On page. If you suspect an email you've received is a phishing attempt, we'll happily have a look - Just pass it on to us at

Additional guidance is available at the University of Oxford Information Security Pages.