Games and more with Madcap Maddie

The St Hilda's Garden Party would not be complete without a range of games and activities for all the family, and Madeleine Perham has come up trumps for us!

Perhaps listening to our writers has lit a creative spark in you? If so, gather round Paperback Game and let us know what you come up with.

Maybe Luke and Dan have inspired you to follow Lyra and Will into a parallel universe? Maddie has created a special board game to point you in the right direction. Grab a friend and a die and start playing. Starting in Jordan College, the winner is the first one to make it out of Lyra's world. (You can print the game to play at home, or share it online with your friends everywhere.)

Meanwhile, all this talk of daemons may have you wondering what form yours might be. Find out here...!

One of the highlights of any St Hilda's Garden Party is the food. Try making some of the delicious treats from His Dark Materials using these special recipes!

What's your daemon? Who won the book game? How did the your mint cake turn out? Let's share our efforts and experiences on our Facebook page today.

Games and activities