Rugby Cuppers final 2022

Fundraising Priority: Sport and Wellbeing

Our students have faced a challenging few years, with the pandemic, international conflict, and the financial crisis all contributing to a greater need for mental health support. This support can take many forms, and an area we are keen to expand upon is active wellbeing: the practice of yoga, stretching, meditation, and much more, to allow our students to take some time out of their studies and focus on their mental health and relaxation.

In addition, it is well documented that sport can have a significant positive impact on mental health and academic achievement. Our aim is to increase our provision of sports equipment and funding so that all of our students, regardless of their financial situation, are able to try new sports and make the most of their sporting talent, at any level. 

Recently St Hilda’s students have toured Ghana with the OU Rugby League team, set new University records in swimming, and competed in the European University Games in badminton. We wish to help them, and all of our sportspeople, to perform at their best and continue the great tradition at St Hilda’s of encouraging our students to make the most of their time at Oxford. We therefore need to upgrade and source new equipment, as well as hire costly but important venues and tuition such as tennis courts and meditation classes. We seek contributions from our alumnae and friends to provide support for these extra activities that make all the difference to an Oxford education. 

For £500 you can fund a term of yoga classes, while £300 will provide a St Hilda's student with a grant for sports equipment. 

St Hilda's women rowing in the Torpids competition. They are in navy blue and white, with blue strips on their cheeks.