Find out about life at Oxford University 100 years ago with a centenary-old social media takeover!

20th October 2020
St Hilda's Dining Hall in 1922

Join us as we travel back in time to the Oxford of a century ago, with Margot Collinson (St Hilda's, 1917-1921) as our guide! Follow Margot's takeover to learn about the life of a 1920s hildabeast, from Monday 19 October, on Instagram and Facebook.

2020 sees the centenary of women's right to matriculate and to graduate: to become, in other words, full members of the University of Oxford. This is a time to celebrate the multiple ways in which women have contributed to the University and women graduates have made a mark in the world. We're also reflecting on student life at an Oxford women's college at that time. 

Our alumna, Margot Collinson, will be taking over our Library & Archive social media channels for a week to give us a glimpse of her undergraduate life at St Hilda's. We are very fortunate to have Margot's letters home in our archives. They chronicle student life and the opening up of academic opportunities for women in the university. Using this rich source material, Margot will be posting updates on her days at Oxford. We are delighted to be giving her a new platform to showcase her take on student life at a time of great change and are very grateful that she was such a prolific letter writer! You can also hear the award-winning actress and our alumna, Katherine Parkinson, reading extracts from Margot's letters.

St Hilda's was founded to give women the right to continue their education, so we feel particularly proud of our heritage as we mark this milestone with Margot. 

Over to you, Margot! #SHCMargotTakeover