Fellows and Lecturers

Charlie Stagg
Professor Charlotte Stagg
Lecturer in Medicine
Dr Catherine Swales
Dr Catherine Swales
Fellow and Tutor in Clinical Medicine
Helen Swift
Professor Helen J Swift
Fellow and Tutor in French
Michelle Taylor
Dr Michelle Alexis Taylor
Joanna Randall-MacIver Junior Research Fellow
Dr Roger P L Teichmann
Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr David Tew
Fellow and Tutor in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Professor Selina Todd
Fellow and Tutor in History
Dr John P Traill
Lecturer in Music
Dr Maya J Tudor
Supernumerary Fellow in Politics
Dr Johannes Ungerer
Erich Brost Lecturer in German and European Union Law
Dr Jakob van den Eijnden
Lee Hysan Junior Research Fellow
Professor Daniel Wakelin
Professorial Fellow in English