Fellows and Lecturers

Dr Luke O'Sullivan
Career Development Fellow in French
Monica Olcina
Dr Monica Olcina
Associate Research Fellow in Oncology
Dr Katherine Olley
Dr Katherine Marie Olley
VH Galbraith Junior Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Parrott
Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy
Dr Georgina L B Paul
Vice Principal and Fellow and Tutor in German
Dr Elinor Payne, St Hilda's College
Professor Elinor Payne
Supernumerary Fellow in Phonetics and Phonology
Ruth Percy
Dr Ruth Percy
Lecturer in Modern British and American History
Dr Richard Povey
Lecturer in Economics
Dr Joanna Raisbeck
Lecturer in German
Lovisa Reiche
Lecturer in Economics
Professor Duncan Richards
Climax Professor of Clinical Therapeutics
Dr Anna Ridley
Lecturer in Medicine (Pathology)