Engineering Super Curricular Resources

Need help with finding some super curricular reading for Engineering? Check out these online resources:

An introduction to chemical engineering - Professor Aidong Yang from the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford gives an introduction to chemical engineering.

Biomedically-engineered bubbles - Delivering drugs to the body without producing harmful side-effects is a massive challenge in biomedical engineering. A possible solution is to use tiny bubbles that can be injected into the blood stream and “popped” using ultrasound to release a drug in a highly targeted fashion. This talk will look at the engineering of these bubbles and their use in tackling diseases such as cancer and stroke.

Can an arch stand up? -  Tom Adcock, tutor and fellow at St Peter's College and Associate Professor in Engineering Science, gives a lecture entitled 'Can an arch stand up?'

Chemical Engineering Resources - Check out these articles about Chemical and Process Engineering Resources

David McKay Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air - How can we get off our fossil fuel addiction? David McKay explores this theme

engNRICH - this website contains mathematical activities for students aged 16 - 19 designed to complement and enhance the study of engineering.

Engineer Girl - Women engineers work every day to shape the future and make the world a better, cleaner, safer place.

I want to study Engineering - this website looks at teaching you to solve engineering problems and to show that this process can be rewarding and a lot of fun.

National Science and Engineering Competitions - Students, young scientists, inventors, engineers, technologists and others interested in science and engineering can participate in a number of science competitions.

Probabilistic robots - Professor Nick Hawes, of the Oxford Robotics Institute, delivers a taster lecture at an Engineering Science Open Day.

Tomorrow's Engineers - Get the most from your engineering engagement activity with guidance and information drawn from across the STEM community

Uncover Engineering- Female students - this is a free residential course pilot which will let you discover what it’s like to be an engineer – trying out a subject you're not taught at school.