Dr Soham Bandyopadhyay



Soham Bandyopadhyay is an academic clinical fellow in neurosurgery. His research interests are in neurosurgery, global health, and medical education. He completed his MA in Medical Sciences and BM BCh at St Hilda’ College at the University of Oxford, obtaining a distinction in his first BM examinations. Since graduation, he has completed 1) a post-graduate certificate in clinical practice, management & education, 2) an advanced diploma in healthcare business and finance, and 2) a masters in public health. He is a founding and core member of Oxford University's Global Health Research Group on Children's Non-Communicable Diseases. He is passionate about bringing the voices of patients and the general public to the table when discussing research or advocacy efforts.

His long-term aim is to continue pursuing a career in neurosurgery, whilst being involved with academic research and teaching. In particular, he wishes to partake in activities that may influence health-care policy in the UK and abroad.

During his time at Oxford, Soham has been involved in peer-mentoring activities, promoting involvement in health policy creation, and has held leadership roles in various local and national organisations.



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