Dr Mark S Ford

BSc DPhil (York)


College Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Mark Ford is a Stipendiary Lecturer at St Hilda's, St Hugh's, and Balliol Colleges, and holds a postdoctoral research position in the group of Professor Tim Softley. He teaches Physical Chemistry to all St Hilda's undergraduates.


Dr Ford studied Chemistry at York University, spending a year studying in Aachen with Professor Wolfgang Stahl. He went on to complete a DPhil in York University with Professor Klaus Muller-Dethlefs. He subsequently carried out postdoctoral research with Dr Stuart Mackenzie in Warwick University.

Dr Ford's research currently explores the dynamics of highly excited (Rydberg) atoms as they approach surfaces. This unique research explores electron transfer processes; probes electronic and geometric structure of surfaces, and could prove fundamental to coupling quantum computing methodologies in the gas phase with the solid state.


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