Dr Luke Jew

MPhys DPhil Oxf


Luke is a cosmologist who uses cutting edge statistics to investigate low-frequency diffuse Galactic emission, a major contaminating foreground to the cosmic microwave background.

In order to solve slightly more down-to-Earth problems, with the help of Oxford University Innovation, he founded Discover Statistical Consulting. His company applies advanced statistics and machine learning to help businesses achieve their aims.

He was an undergraduate at St Hilda's College (starting the second year men were admitted to the college), completed his DPhil at Oriel College, and then was a post-doctoral research associate in the physics department.


Luke teaches second year thermodynamics and statistical mechanics and third year atomic and molecular physics to undergraduate physicists at St Hilda's College.


Luke uses cutting edge statistical techniques to clean contaminating foregrounds from images of the oldest light in the universe, the cosmic microwave background (CWB).

Accurate measurements of the CMB allow cosmologists to determine how the Universe started, what it is made of and how it will end. In particular, the as-yet-undetected odd-parity fluctuations in the polarization of the CMB should contain information on the very first tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang.


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