Dr Jamshid Derakhshan

DPhil Oxf

Teaching and Research

College Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Deputy Dean of Degrees

Dr Jamshid Derakhshan did post-graduate studies at the Mathematical Institute and Merton College of Oxford University, obtaining his PhD in Mathematics at the age of 21. For his doctoral work he was awarded the Senior Mathematical Prize and the Johnson Prize of Oxford University.

During the academic year 2013-2014, he was a Departmental Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford University. He has been a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at St Hilda's since October 2014.

Jamshid's research interests are in Mathematical Logic, Algebra, Number Theory, and Arithmetic Geometry. He is mostly interested in the interactions of these fields, and especially in the applications of Model Theory to Algebra and Number Theory.

Dr Jamshid Derakhshan