Dr Jakob van den Eijnden

Dr Jakob van den Eijnden, Lee Hysan Junior Research Fellow

Dr Jakob van den Eijnden is a Lee Hysan Junior Research Fellow in Physical Sciences at St Hilda’s College and postdoctoral researcher in astrophysics in the Physics Department of the University of Oxford.

Dr van den Eijnden's research focuses on binary star systems, where two stars orbit around each other. Specifically, he studies cases where one of those stars is a neutron star, the densest type of star with the strongest gravitational pull in the universe. Combining observations from the newly-build MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa with space-based telescopes detecting X-ray radiation, Dr van den Eijnden investigates how and when such neutron stars attract the outer gas layers of their neighbor stars and eject some of that matter into surrounding space. Studying this process, he aims to understand how these stellar binaries impact their interstellar environment by injecting it with matter and energy.