Dr David Batho


Dr David Batho is Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy at St Hilda’s College and Christ Church. He joined St Hilda’s in 2022. Previously, he held teaching positions at Christ Church and The University of York, and post-doctoral fellowships at The University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Essex.


Dr Batho’s teaching is broad, but focuses on post-Kantian philosophy. He is currently teaching tutorials on post-Kantian philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, and Introduction to Philosophy.


Dr Batho’s research cuts across several research areas, including phenomenology (classical and applied), philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, and moral psychology.


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2022 ‘Mute Demons, Silent Grace’ Studies in Christian Ethics

2022 ‘Experiences of Powerlessness and Limits of Control’ International Journal of Philosophy and Theology

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