Dr Ana Namburete

BASc (Simon Fraser University), DPhil (Oxon)


Associate Research Fellow in Engineering

Dr Namburete graduated from Simon Fraser University with a First Class Honours degree in Biomedical Engineering. As a holder of the Commonwealth Scholarship, she joined the Biomedical Image Analysis Lab at Oxford in 2011 where she completed a DPhil in Engineering Science. Dr Namburete has been awarded a prestigious five-year Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship.


As a biomedical engineer, Dr Namburete's work comprises collaborations with medical professionals to identify problems relevant to prenatal care in low-income settings, and designing the appropriate engineering solutions. Specifically, her interests lie in developing data analytics and machine learning tools to enhance the diagnostic value of ultrasound image data.

Recent work involving collaborations with clinicians at the John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford and in Kilifi, Kenya has been awarded a Grand Challenge Explorations Grant (Round 14: Exploring New Ways to Measure Brain Development and Gestational Age) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She now serves as a Principal Investigator on that project. Her postdoctoral research is geared towards developing a computational tool that identifies physical features of the fetal brain from a routine ultrasound image to automatically, and more accurately, estimate gestational age at any stage of pregnancy. This tool is designed for use in resource-constrained clinics.


Journal Articles

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 Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

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 Invited Seminars

“A regression forest-based tool to predict gestational age from ultrasound images of the fetal brain”– Microsoft Research Cambridge, 15 June 2015